Higher Ed Pulse

Higher Ed Pulse is your weekly spotlight on the latest in higher education marketing and enrollment.

From headline news to social posts, insider insights to industry observations, join industry veterans Mallory Willsea and Seth Odell as they share their top stories from across the world of higher education.

Each bite-sized, 15-minute episode is packed with personality and designed to bring what’s top of mind to the top of your feed. Perfect for the busy professional, our episodes blend sharp analysis with lively commentary, transforming complex topics into engaging, digestible insights. Get ready to be both informed and entertained, as Higher Ed Pulse offers a perspective that keeps you not just in the loop but always a step ahead in the ever-evolving world of higher education.

Higher Ed Pulse is co-hosted by Mallory Willsea and Seth Odell and is a proud member of the Enrollify Podcast Network.